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Our company

LGS Reitplatzbau GmbH was founded in 2004 by Goran Garic. Since then Goran runs the company together with his wife Snjezana. Meanwhile, the company employs about 20 people. With 4 construction crews, 4 riding arenas can be built at the same time.

Even before the foundation, Goran was active in the field of riding arena construction. In 2004 he decided to start his own business and to focus on a high level of satisfaction and special customer care. Not only the profit, but also the personal contact to satisfied customers is a top priority at LGS Reitplatzbau.

The company name reflects the connection to the own family. LGS stands for the family members of the Garic family. L stands for the first names of all children, G for Goran and S for Snjezana.

LGS attaches particular importance to appearing on the market in a timely and modern manner. It is with great pleasure that we take up the further developments in the market, so that we always offer the latest technology in the field of riding arena construction. For this reason, LGS Reitplatzbau has specialised in the construction of Ebb and Flow Systems.

Our aim is to provide all riders with the best possible training options in the best possible visual appearance – regardless of the weather or other external influences. We are looking forward to welcoming you personally and to convince you of our services.

Get to know our strong team. Personal contact is our top priority, because trust is the basis of our work.

Riding arena construction is a matter of trust

Feel free to give us a call +49 (0) 2835 44477 - 6

A strong team

We attach great importance to personal contact with our customers. Therefore, all employees, including the management, are available to our customers.

Good advice is the foundation for successful cooperation. We try to understand your needs and wishes and offer you the perfect place.

Our aim is not only to provide you with competent advice, but also to find a quick solution for the existing conditions so that you can ride on your new riding arena after a few weeks.

Ebbe und Flut System - Das Original