High- and Low Tide Arena System

It is our claim to create worldwide first-class riding surfaces of the highest quality and to the absolute satisfaction of our customers. The basis for this is our Ebb and Flow System, which is carefully selected and skillfully combined with the best materials and professional workmanship. This system is increasingly being used not only in outdoor arenas, but also in indoor riding arenas.

The term ebb and flow describes the process by which at ebb tide water is removed from the sand and added to the sand at high tide.

At low tide, the soil dries; at high tide, on the other hand, it receives new humidity. With the invention of the Ebb and Flow System, the process of removing moisture from the sand and adding it back was implemented.

Excess water (e.g. from rainfall) is pumped out fully automatically, so that there is no prolonged standing moisture in the riding arena. If the riding surface is too dry (e.g. due to extreme solar radiation), the specified water level is supplied fully automatically.

Only best riding floors allow top performance

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Low tide riding arena and
Ebb-flood riding hall floor in detail

The constancy of the basic moisture in the footing layer is regulated by a pressure sensor in the regulation shaft. If the water level deviates from the settings, the preset water level is restored fully automatically. The higher the water level is moved under the upper footing, the harder the riding surface becomes. This means that the riding surface can be adapted to the respective requirements – firmer for show jumpers and more flexible for dressage riders.

This automatic adaptation to the water requirements of the riding surface meets all the relevant requirements that you place on a riding surface.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Optimum training conditions regardless of weather conditions
  • Automatic watering system and drainage by a system installed underground
  • No expensive watering of the course during the summer months
  • No dust formation due to uniform & constant humidity of the entire surface
  • Soil strength in all weather conditions
  • Year-round elasticity of the soil